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Top 5 In Demand Entry-Level IT Jobs in 2021

Everyone knows that getting into IT is hard especially when you are only a fresh graduate, however, the demand for certain roles in the industry is on the rise. If you don't have experience and are looking for entry-level jobs in IT this list will provide you insight on some of the top entry-level job roles in IT and what skills are needed for each respective role.

1.WordPress developer: Jobs for WordPress developers will definitely see a rise in demand. To be qualified as a WP developer you'll need to have strong knowledge on PHP because that's the language that runs WordPress sites. Also, having knowledge on HTML and CSS is pretty necessary too. In addition, employers are looking for someone who has experience with content management systems so even if you don't have prior experience in coding you can still work as a WordPress content manager. According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, the average reported salary per year is $47,573.

Skills required: HTML and CSS, PHP, Content Management Systems.
Job opportunities: Since WordPress is open source you can find a lot of work with freelance jobs on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.

2.Video editor: Jobs for video editors will also see a rise in demand because it's becoming cheaper and easier to create videos with a bunch of tools already available on the market. Jobs for this role are very versatile because you can work with different types of companies such as gaming, media or even IT business. Salary typically starts from $13.16 an hour and goes up to $49.93.

Skills required: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop or just choose your preferred video editing software.

Job opportunities: Jobs for video editors are available all over the internet, however, you'll need to have a portfolio that showcases your work.

3.Virtual private network (VPN) engineer: Jobs for VPNs are becoming more popular especially now that more and more companies start to see the importance of VPNs. In the past, businesses used VPNs just for internal employee communication but now they're using it as part of their enterprise mobility management strategy. Jobs for this role will definitely see a rise in demand because there aren't a lot of experts out there.

Skills required: TCP/IP, VPN.

Job opportunities: Jobs for this role are available all over the internet.

4.Mobile applications developer: Jobs for this role have been growing ever since smartphones have been introduced to the market and it's becoming one of the most popular job roles today. In addition, employers are also looking for someone who can build web-based applications so you don't necessarily need to have prior experience only in mobile applications.

Skills required: Objective-C or Swift, Apache Cordova/PhoneGap, Android SDK/NDK, Cocoa Touch frameworks, SQLite, Interface Builder.

Job opportunities: Jobs for this role is available all over the internet and pay can range from $11.54 to $52.50 an hour.

5.Computer support specialist: A starter job role in IT that's on the rise is computer support specialist. Jobs for this role may not pay a lot but it doesn't require many complex skills such as programming or coding. Every business needs someone to provide technical assistance and support on their IT systems; this is where computer support comes in.

Skills required: Basic computer troubleshooting, Internet navigation, Customer service skills, Networking, Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Suite, email clients, smartphones and tablets support.

Job opportunities: Jobs for this role can be found all over the internet and usually pay ranges from $10 to $50 per hour depending on your skills.

If you think you lack skills for the job roles mentioned above, you can always learn these skills through Elektev online courses. They have a variety of available online courses from design, development, IT & software that will help you get started faster!

Conclusion: The mentioned jobs will definitely help you get into the IT industry. It's only a matter of taking action!

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