HTML & CSS Only Illustrations : My Thoughts

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After a long time, I am writing a story. I am going to share my thoughts about "HTML & CSS only illustrations".


For those who hasn't heard of "HTML & CSS only illustrations", They are illustrations built with HTML & CSS only. Instead of using HTML Canvas or SVG, These are built with basic HTML tags and the power of CSS.

These illustrations are famous among the #100DaysOfCode followers.

If you still don't understand, See Akash's Bhandwalker's Tweet.

What is the use of it?

The people who make these kinds of illustrations say this
"In these illustrations, we have to use CSS. And if you are familiar with CSS, you would know how much skills are needed, to create illustrations with CSS. So by doing this, we can learn a lot of CSS."
This reason may seem right. but it's not.

Think of it, Can you learn Rocket Science by building rockets worth billions and launching them? Definitely no.
Like that, in order to start doing CSS illustrations, you have to have a great understanding of CSS.

And most of those illustrations can be done so easily with Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. Or if you want to code these illustrations, code with SVG.

Why people are doing it?

As I said above, people can't learn CSS by making CSS illustrations. So then why are people making these?

First, many people don't understand, they can't learn CSS by making CSS illustrations. They are making CSS illustrations, thinking they can learn CSS. It's funny and leave them alone.

Some people do this to become famous in Twitter. How?, they create a CSS illustration and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #100DaysOfCode. This hashtag will get them a bigger reach.

Some other people do this to pass #100DaysOfCode challenge. (#100DaysOfCode is a challenge to code for 100 days (minimum of 1 hour each day) consecutively). People do this challenge to become good at coding. And after some days into the challenge, most people would run out of ideas on what to code. So they start doing CSS illustrations because a CSS illustration would keep them coding for at least 3 days.

And the last two reasons are my assumptions. It may be wrong for many of you (not for all).


I know, most people would get offended after reading this story. Drop a reply or email me at sahithyan2701@gmail.com to share your comments.


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