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GCP - Create and Deploy Cloud Data Fusion Pipeline

iamvigneshc profile image Vignesh C Updated on ・1 min read

You want to create custom marketing materials for an ongoing campaign promotion, and you want drivers to distribute the materials directly to customers' home mailboxes.

Your campaign has two constraints:

Location: You only deliver to customers in California, New York, and Alabama. You need to create a random parameter for each customer to be able to perform an A/B test and split the customers into two groups.

What you do?

• Configure Cloud Data Fusion

• Create a Cloud Data Fusion data transformation pipeline

• Connect Cloud Data Fusion to a couple of data sources

• Apply basic transformations

• Join the two data sources using Cloud Data Fusion

• Split data to perform an A/B experiment

• Write data to a sink

Details :

PS: Sorry, couldn't repost here since there are some incompatible MD codes. Thank you!

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