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Yajat Malhotra
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My first open-source contribution: Hacktober Fest 2020


Hey everyone! I am Yajat Malhotra and this is my first post on Dev. I am a fresher at VIT, Vellore.

Recently, I got to know about Hactoberfest from my friends. So I immediately signed up for it as I wanted to try it out.

Progress and Learnings

Today, 4 out of 6 PRs got matured.

During this fest, I learnt a lot about Git and GitHub. I learnt how to create an issue on a Repo, how to fork it, clone it, commit on it and send a pull request.


I made contributions on very basic Repos as I am still in a learning phase.



This was my first time participating in an event like this. I would definitely love to participate in such events again. Also, next time I will try to make bigger and better contributions.
This event was a wonderful experience. I totally loved it.


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