Context Switching kills your flow, what would keep you in the flow?

ianakelly profile image Ian Kelly ・1 min read

I fell in love with a problem... it's one that I see many software developers struggling with. How to stay in your IDE doing what you love vs pulling your hair out looking for answers all over the web, in tech docs, the watercooler/slack etc. There are a few great teams working to address this problem like kite.com, qbitlogic.com, fluentcode.com, sourcegraph.com and I wish them all the best.

Solving this problem for devs has the ability to improve all of our lives.

If you doubt this problem even exists look at the number of questions posted to Stack Overflow daily (Approx 10,000! lots may be duplicate but you get the point) or ask yourself when was the last time you had to seek out an answer to a coding problem. If you are still unconvinced check THIS or THIS.
Most of the time its simple stupid stuff that we have all done before and we are just having a tough time loading it all into our brain (these are the most frustrating times to me as it feeds my feelings of "do I even know what I am doing?"). But other times it's harder problems that you hope someone has worked out and written a great answer, but it's not always possible to find the right answer.
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I love this problem so much that I decided to put my full energy to it and I am working thru the Lean Startup methodology in hopes to be one of the folks who solves this problem for developers. We know and love the problem, and we have some ideas for solutions in mind we are looking for people who also love this problem and would like to see it solved! I would love to hear how you solve the problem now, what ways you would solve the problem, and if you would like to be involved in helping me set that course.

In the spirit of asking and offering too - If you are planning a Lean Startup or need the type of assistance I am requesting of you, I would love to return the favor 2X. Just ask! Ian@CodePilot.ai.


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