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Sunday Review (2019-03-17)

I'm back!

I've done it, a second post! It's been a busy week with a mixed bag of coding challenges. I've been engaged in a little python work but mainly sticking to my old faithful C#.

One of the tasks I've had is to look into a decent JSON RPC client for parsing responses and producing typed model responses which can be consumed in services. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it but I'm like going to use the EdjCase one I've found on nuget and GitHub.


Managed to get through two Pluralsight courses this week and I completed the beginner route on the Python Path by finishing Python Fundamentals!

This course was a little tougher than the previous as it was longer with more detail, a mix of authors and deeper content. Overall it was great but it could probably do with being a little shorter and concise.

Had a little time left at the end of the week as I somehow managed to get through the Python faster than planned. I took a break and watched one by Troy Hunt which was an insightful introduction on creating a culture of security at your organisation.

I got some useful information out of this which I believe I could bring into my organisation.

I like the idea of bringing in a Security Quality Metric alongside our testing routines and finding a Security Champion in the business. It's likely that I'm going to nominate myself as I have a real interest in the topic. Some of the other points I found interesting were around trialling internal bug bounties and looking into becoming a certified ethical hacker.

The News

Each week I'll post 10-20 links that I've found the most interesting from technology blogs, reddit and other parts of the Internet.

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