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Discussion on: 3.5 Years as a Front-end Engineer - Things I Learn and What Next?

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Ian Wijma • Edited on


I've been doing web development work with React since 2017. 
I can say I know a lot about it.
But it's 2021 now, my React knowledge is quite obsolete right now if I'm not maintaining and upgrading my React stuff these days.
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Prior to my current job, I mainly work allot with vanilla JS / BackBoneJS. This caused me to not know allot about ReactJS, but about the ins and outs of JS.

When applying for new jobs. I've gotten rejected multiple times because my React Knowledge was not up to their standards.

In my new job they allowed me to learn React while working on projects. Within a week or 2 I knew how React works, and within month I knew majority of their design patterns.

Side note:

This showed me that once you know vanilla JS and it's tricks. Frameworks like React and Vue become wrappers around JS. Which was truely eye opening for me.

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Adith Widya Pradipta Author

I agreed. Knowing the fundamentals of programming are much more important than knowing the ins and outs of a particular framework. Because it allows me to shorten the time to digest every new framework of tomorrow 😆

Like in my blog, I said:

I've said it before that it's the most challenging part for me. Choosing one of the options rather than both. The skills I've already acquired until today are "hard-won." Either it was hard for me to learn, or it was expensive. Someday I will "say goodbye" to all of them. Only taking fundamental skills with me to wade through the next stage of my career.