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Ayesha Sahar
Ayesha Sahar

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Introducing my first eBook: "Be The Terminal Boss"


Actually, I had been interested in Linux for a long time now. But of course, me being the lazy person I am, never really made any effort to explore it. But an opportunity soon arose! This semester I took the course “Linux for biological sciences”. It was really very interesting. But one problem I faced was the excess of information but from various places. I did search for commands books but those were too detailed as well. I wanted something detailed but not too well detailed.

Also, it was quite tough to search about commands from various places. Moreover, every command has so many options. As a beginner, I was really overwhelmed. I needed something like a handbook I could refer to when I wanted to learn or revise a command with just the options I, as a beginner, “needed” to know. Day by day, as I explored Linux, I made notes from various places with the information I wanted and needed. I shared those notes on Twitter and found out that a lot of beginners were just like the past me, overwhelmed! Therefore I decided to digitally compile all my handwritten notes along with some major additions.

Well, since I couldn’t find something exactly as I wanted so I thought, why not make one myself? So, here I am, with my own eBook ;)


This eBook contains the following features:

🔷 12k+ words

🔷 Important and Useful options for each command

🔷 104 pages

🔷 Here's the contents:

👉 Basic Linux Commands

👉 Help Facilities For Commands

👉 Package Management Commands

👉 File Editors in Linux

👉 User and Group Management Commands

👉 Setting and Ownerships and Permission for Files/Directories

👉 Setting Temporary and Permanent Alias

👉 Filesystem Management Commands

👉 Network Management Commands

👉 System Management Commands

👉 Process Management Commands

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Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is for all beginners who don't know what commands and what options should they learn. This eBook is also for experts who just want to read it😂 Ok, seriously speaking, if you are an expert, you can use it to revise the syntax or look at the important and most useful options of a command.

I haven’t included the really tough or the most advanced type of commands as I wanted this to be more on the beginner-friendly side :)

Also, every command or option I included in this Ebook is based on my own opinion with which you may agree or disagree.





Link to the eBook

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