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Discussion on: Stop Using YAML

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Israel Blancas

Something that is great in YAML is that you can add comments. Also, you need to follow indentation rules (what is great to avoid other people to mess the file). All these things made YAML a great way to serialize configurations.

JSON is not friendly or easy to follow and this can drive you to errors...

Is YAML perfect? No. Is YAML a great option when human intervention is needed? Yes.

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Jesse Phillips Author

I'd like to hear your counter argument to the issues I raised, because I'm arguing it isn't going when human intervention is needed.

Json isn't friendly, which is why I put it in "readable". The trouble is you need something with clear rules, because when the human writes it wrong, they'll neet to read it under the eyes of a parser, and json is simple for that.

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Israel Blancas • Edited on

Well, you can write also a YAML schema. You can also write something wrong in JSON, right? And what is going to correct you is the schema. So, you can have the best of both worlds