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Chatbots, AI, Kubernetes, GraphQL, AI for IoT devices and more – online meetup recordings, April 2019

IBM Developer SF team hosts weekly online meetups on various topics. Online events are one of the best ways to scale your Developer Relations program and reach developers anywhere, anytime and for a long time after the event.

The following online meetups we hosted in April 2019 with links to watch the recordings. I also encourage you to join our meetup so you will always know when our online meetups are scheduled. Our meetups are hosted by the wonderful Lisa Jung 👋.

💡Docker, Kubernetes, Istio and Knative (April 3, 2019)

In this online meetup Baruch Sadogursky from JFrog and Marek Sadowski discuss architecture of a real-world application running of Kubernetes as use-cases. Whether you are a beginner in containers, or an advanced user, you will get a good review on the current trends.

Watch the recording 📺

💡Hasura GraphQL engine and IBM Serverless (April 10, 2019)

In this session hosted by Upkar Lidder and Tanmai Gopal, co-founder of developers learned:

  • How to leverage the event driven paradigm offered by OpenWhisk and the subscriptions model built into Hasura GraphQL engine
  • How to create a scalable and responsive system
  • How to build a GraphQL API with Serverless functions and respond to database changes using triggers and feeds

Watch the recording 📺

💡Performance at the Edge: introduction to AI for IoT devices (April 11, 2019)

In this online meetup hosted by Marek Sadowski developers learned:

  • How to add AI services to one of the most popular IoT devices – the Raspberry Pi computer
  • The concepts and architecture behind this solution
  • How to add a voice user interfaces to teach you how you can make your Raspberry Pi to tell you a joke

Watch the recording 📺

💡Build a Smart Bot with Slack, Block Kit and Watson (April 17, 2019)

In this interactive online meetup, Tomomi Imura from Slack and David Nugent walk you through building a bot using Slack’s API and Block Kit, and making it smarter using IBM Watson.

Tomomi will walk you through how to build a Slack bot with Slack API using Node SDK, and improve the bot with Slack’s new Block Kit Builder. She will also cover how to make the bot smarter using IBM Watson.

This session uses Node.js, however, you should be able to follow if you have a general understanding in any programming language. All you need is a Chrome browser to try out the sample code.

Watch the recording 📺

💡Create a Smartbot agent with Nexmo platform and Watson services (April 24, 2019)

In this online meetup hosted by Kelly from Nexmo and Upkar Lidder developers learned:

  • Connecting Nexmo with Watson Services using Node-RED
  • How to create complex and powerful interactions that elevates your customer experience
  • Key features in Watson Assistant and Nexmo and share the complete code repository with you

Watch the recording 📺

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