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9 Developer Tutorials You Should Read from June 2021

I want to share developer articles, tutorial and videos from IBM Developer North America team. These resources offer high-quality developer education so I believe you will find them valuable.

IBM Cloud Functions
IBM Cloud Functions benefits

πŸ“–IBM Cloud Deployment 4 Ways by Jenna Ritten

πŸ“–Code Engine Auto-Scales, Even to Zero by Jenna Ritten

πŸ“–IBM Cloud Code Engine Dev Setup in 6 Easy Steps! by Jenna Ritten

πŸ“–Deploy a Health Insurance App w the Code Engine CLI in 3 Easy Steps! by Jenna Ritten

πŸ“ΊWhy You Aren’t Getting That Development Promotion? by Bradston Henry

πŸ“–The Simple Basics of Cloudant NoSQL DB by Bradston Henry

πŸ“–Creating your First Cloudant NoSQL Database in Just 5 Minutes by Bradston Henry

πŸ“ΊWhat is Best Programming Language for Beginners? | Dev Community Speaks by Henry Brads-ton

πŸ“–Deploying Scalable Java Microservices to Enterprise Kubernetes using Red Hat OpenShift by Dave Nugent

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