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WEEK 2 Experience at Taskforce 5.0

Oh, My, Time flies! I can't imagine it's already the end of my second week at Taskforce. Week two came in pretty quick, I missed the first day because of sickness but attended the remaining days of the week regardless of not being 100% fit. Was it a good idea to attend work without being at my 100? Was it worth it? Here is what I learned from that.

Having been out of work for 4 days just dealing with medication and resting it was obvious that I lost my flow and pace. But Taskforce is quite intense and challenging. How do I handle it?

The biggest challenge I faced was having to do two assignments on the same day; one of making integration pipelines and another of Codewars. I felt overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. The integration pipelines not working and having a number of Codewars challenges that I haven't done.

How I dealt with it was with something I learnt from our facilitator silke on day one of not sticking with a failing strategy for too long. So what I did was to prioritize and begin with the easiest task which I deemed to be Codewars and submit it on time. Then integration pipelines later.

A session with Hans, one of the co-founders of Code of Africa, regarding effective communication helped a lot with dealing with integration pipelines. We had to communicate with the facilitator(Yannick, a co-founder of Awesomity lab) to let him know of the difficulties we are facing and he really helped us a lot, which really encouraged us. How I ended up completing the task was to work as a team with a fellow intern who uses the same stack as me.

Lastly, demo Friday came, by then I have already gained the pace and got to experience my first. it was fun and interesting as ever, as it was hyped by my fellow interns. So was it worth it? Yes definitely. Thank you for giving it a read. See you on the next.

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