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GUI for Laravel Valet?

Ibrar Hussain
I am a full stack web developer, presently working on Laravel & Vue. Love exploring new technologies.
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You heard it right, now you can have GUI for Laravel Valet to perform all the actions that you can do using the command line and much more.

Nico Verbruggen has created an amazing lightweight macOS menubar app called PHP Monitor to effortlessly manage PHP and Valet services. It provides a GUI to manage PHP versions, locate config files, stop & start Valet services and shows helpful information about your setup. As you can see in the following screenshot as the final result.
Alt Text

Before installing this app, you need to have Laravel Valet installed.

Following are the steps:

brew tap nicoverbruggen/homebrew-cask
brew install --cask phpmon
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You should see the following output for brew tap nicoverbruggen/homebrew-cask:
Alt Text
and following for brew install --cask phpmon
Alt Text

  • Open the PHP Monitor app
    Alt Text

  • Click Open for the security warning window
    Alt Text

  • If you get a message like the following
    Alt Text
    then run sudo valet trust
    Alt Text

  • If you still get the message: PHP Monitor cannot start
    Alt Text
    then run brew upgrade phpmon
    Alt Text

  • If still not working then run composer global update and valet install
    Alt Text

  • Now, you should be able to see a new icon on your menubar and when you click on it you should see the result like the following:
    Alt Text

For more depth information about the app and any additional troubleshooting, please visit PHP Monitor and if you like the app then don't forget to star the repository.


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