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Discussion on: Code Reviews Are Awesome, Here Are 7 Reasons Why

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Elena Author

Hi Samuel,
Thank you for your reply! I never managed to pair-program for a prolonged period of time and consistently. But I guess it should be almost the same. Two pairs of eyes looking at the same code should definitely help.
On the other hand, pair programming 100% of time strikes me as, maybe, a bit too much? With code review you spend less time on reviewing then on writing.
Finally, I usually work in iterations, making my code work first and good in the end. I can imagine my coding partner to be frustrated by this in the beginning, and giving me feedback too early.
But again, I only pair-programmed on several occasions, so I don't have enough experience with it.

And what is your experience?

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Samuel P.

Sorry by the late message.

About my experience pairing in features and bug end-to-end:

  • There is no sense about who is the coding since both are working together in the same code, switching idea all the time and the keyboard;
  • The idea about collective code increase a lot; There is no "my code" and yes "the code that we did";
  • We broke the pair times and times in one card when we notice that the next steps will be operational like repetitive tasks; (So, not 100% all the time)
  • Two eyes with different backgrounds help a lot to create a better solution, and believe, faster;
  • Islands of knowledge it really uncommon;

Yeah, I really recommend and I could say that the benefits could be noticed fast; Obviously that all the team should accept the idea to try it.

If I could point to big themes should be:

  • Team build;
  • Code quality;
  • Increase of Velocity;
  • knowledge balance


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Elena Author

Thank yoi for sharing! I like the "our code" feeling.

I also wonder if you really measured velocity and saw it's higher? I imagined, based on other people opinions mostly, that velocity should drop. If you managed to speed up, it deserves a publication!

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Samuel P.

Yeah, I'll try write. :)
The count base where we could notice the velocity increase was points delivered of features vs bugs card in some short cycles.

It was not so evident in the first ~2 months about after that we could compare the numbers. It's a mindset change of the team but I truly believe worth it.

I have a recent really good example where I had pair with a team from another squad in a feature and the solution came up with an idea that I put on the desk and his as well. When we shared the solution with the team in a stand-up meeting that team was really surprised with the "out of box" solution.