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TikTok Scraper

This is not an official API support and etc. This is just a scraper that is using TikTok Web API to scrape media and related meta information.


tiktok-scraper requires Node.js v10+ to run.

Install from NPM

npm i -g tiktok-scraper
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Install from YARN

yarn global add tiktok-scraper
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In Terminal

$ tiktok-scraper --help
Usage: tiktok-scraper <command> [options]
  tiktok-scraper user [id]     Scrape videos from username. Enter only username
  tiktok-scraper hashtag [id]  Scrape videos from hashtag. Enter hashtag without #
  tiktok-scraper trend         Scrape posts from current trends
  tiktok-scraper music [id]    Scrape posts from a music id number
  tiktok-scraper video [id]    Download single video without the watermark
  tiktok-scraper history       View previous download history
  tiktok-scraper from-file [file] [async]  Scrape users, hashtags, music, videos mentioned
                                in a file. 1 value per 1 line
  --version               Show version number                          [boolean]
  --timeout               Set timeout between requests. Timeout is in
                          Milliseconds: 1000 mls = 1 s              [default: 0]
  --number, -n            Number of posts to scrape. If you will set 0 then all
                          posts will be scraped                     [default: 0]
  --proxy, -p             Set single proxy                         [default: ""]
  --proxy-file            Use proxies from a file. Scraper will use random
                          proxies from the file per each request. 1 line 1
                          proxy.                                   [default: ""]
  --download, -d          Download video posts to the folder with the name input
                          [id]                        [boolean] [default: false]
  --asyncDownload, -a     Number of concurrent downloads            [default: 5]
  --hd                    Download video in HD. Video size will be x5-x10 times
                          larger and this will affect scraper execution speed.
                          This option only works in combination with -w flag
                                                      [boolean] [default: false]
  --zip, -z               ZIP all downloaded video posts
                                                      [boolean] [default: false]
  --filepath              File path to save all output files.
      [default: "/Users/blah/blah"]
  --filetype, --type, -t  Type of the output file where post information will
                          be saved. 'all' - save information about all posts to
                          the` 'json' and 'csv'
                               [choices: "csv", "json", "all", ""] [default: ""]
  --filename, -f          Set custom filename for the output files [default: ""]
  --noWaterMark, -w       Download video without the watermark. This option will
                          affect the execution speed  [boolean] [default: false]
  --store, -s             Scraper will save the progress in the OS TMP or Custom
                          folder and in the future usage will only download new
                          videos avoiding duplicates  [boolean] [default: false]
  --historypath           Set custom path where history file/files will be
                   [default: "/var/folders/d5/fyh1_f2926q7c65g7skc0qh80000gn/T"]
  --remove, -r            Delete the history record by entering "TYPE:INPUT" or
                          "all" to clean all the history. For example: user:bob
                                                                   [default: ""]
  --webHookUrl       Set webhook url to receive scraper result as HTTP requests.
                     For example to your own API                   [default: ""]
  --method           Receive data to your webhook url as POST or GET request
                                      [choices: "GET", "POST"] [default: "POST"]
  --help             Show help                                         [boolean]
  tiktok-scraper user USERNAME -d -n 100
  tiktok-scraper user USERNAME -d -n 100 -f customFileName
  tiktok-scraper hashtag HASHTAG_NAME -d -n 100
  tiktok-scraper trend -d -n 100
  tiktok-scraper music MUSICID -n 100
  tiktok-scraper music MUSIC_ID -d -n 50
  tiktok-scraper video
  tiktok-scraper history
  tiktok-scraper history -r user:bob
  tiktok-scraper history -r all
  tiktok-scraper from-file BATCH_FILE ASYNC_TASKS -d -n 25
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  • Download unlimited post metadata from the User, Hashtag, Trends, or Music-Id pages
  • Save post metadata to the JSON/CSV files
  • Download media with and without the watermark and save to the ZIP file
  • Download single video without the watermark from the CLI
  • Sign URL to make custom request to the TikTok API
  • Extract metadata from the User, Hashtag and Single Video pages
  • Save previous progress and download only new videos that werenโ€™t downloaded before. This feature only works from the * * CLI and only if download flag is on.
  • View and manage previously downloaded posts history in the CLI
  • Scrape and download user, hashtag, music feeds and single videos specified in the file in batch mode

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