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So I got an internship somewhere and assigned a project that uses php...my knowledge of PHP is very basic to be honest and one of the specifications for implementing the project is using MVC.

I am familiar with the concept but I have tried researching and writing some code for the login and registration but every time I want to connect it to a database, a sea of errors is what I get.

I have tried looking for content online that can clearly explain the concept with easily understandable code but nothing so far.
Such are the struggles of a programmer...😞


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MVC is an OOP pattern, do you have a specific framework in mind?

It's a rather old pattern tho, last i checked some of the more diehard MVC PHP frameworks have been slowly moving away from it, since there are more intuitive patterns.

I have not used PHP for years tho, so i am a bit out of the loop. :)


I was trying to see if I could use codeigniter but the concepts were challenging for me to grasp. The project is time sensitive so I don't have time to learn clearly as I'd like


While not CodeIgniter specific, Symfony vs Flat PHP does a good job explaining the concept.

Thank you.I'll take a look at it


CodeIgniter is a classic, should have plenty of tutorials/examples around for what you need, so at least you have that going for you. :)

When I look at codeigniter examples I get overwhelmed when I try them and they don't work on my side.


I have a slightly different view, MVC is very used currently and majority use MVC how pattern.


Cool, again it's been a while since i did anything PHP. :)

For reference, do you have some examples?


I suggest you to take a look at MINI. It is a very simple example of application using MVC concepts. It does not uses any framework. Study the code, it's very simple to read.

Start small, build some CRUD applications.

After you get use to MVC concepts. Try some micro-frameworks, like Lumen. It gives you Routes, Authentication, Database and many more features.


I'll try looking at that. Thank you