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Discussion on: The Builder Pattern .net core

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Great article, thanks!

I think that this example with 'Person' should be more complex,

Currently PersonBuilder.cs methods just assign properties, and method build just returns Person entity, so in this example, more relevant (I guess) is to create person entity and assign properties, see

I understand that the idea of example if to show how to use 'Builder' pattern, but also I think it makes sense to show how pattern helps developers to design their code better, so I think it's better to show more complex example

Anyway, Thank You!

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Gary Woodfine Author • Edited

No worries.

I understand where you're coming from, but also bear in mind that Complexity is a subjective and relative term. What, may be simple to you may be complex to others. So when devising a sample one has to err on the side of simplicity.

In the article, I have provided links to more complex implementations of the Builder pattern implementations.

I will be updating the article later with some examples of how to implement a Fluent implementations which may include further implementations.