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Discussion on: Linux Vs Windows - Why Linux Is Better For Programming & Web Dev (A newbie experience)

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I just tried wsl2 on my desktop pc. What can I say, this is the year of Linux on desktop,but running ok windows.

You get nearly all of the beenefits, namely Photoshop and Excel (personal use I can get by with libre and gimp or krita but you pay time to learn around those. Affinity foto is cheap and works similar to ps..but not on Linux) and the occasional game.

Docker and vscode integration with the subsystem is mind blowing, really feels like the future now it all just damn works and even the new terminal is fine.

So, it really doesn't matter and we all know it.

MacBook are okay hardware for not a huge premium (considered reselling it might be cheaper.) And osx might be the slowest but not really awful slow. Windows is in the middle performance and has Linux built-in now and Linux is the fastest meanest backend dev machine but what if you get a file hey buddy can you quickly fix this image and re-upload..

Windows though oh dear god it has it all now, even virtual desktops and fish.