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My Experience In MLH Local Hack Day: Build | Tech-Bubble

Hello everyone, this is Manish today through this I would like to share my experiences with MLH Local Hack Day: Build if you are hearing this term for the first just head to my previous blog.

So, basically this a weeklong challenge on which we have to be a part of a guild and fortunately I created a guild name Tech Bubble which a small guild but with the help of my guildmates we are keeping ourself in Top 20 throughout the leaderboard where almost 150+ guild is participating and 10,000+ participants.

If I talk about the challenges we were given was quite exiting and even a few are challenging. But as MLH had also organised many hands-on sessions and workshops for us to learn about the technologies and get your hand dirty with the same.

It was really fun we build lots of projects, played lots of game together and also did a few in guild events.

And also in the weekend, we had participated in an MLH Partnered Hackathon named Rose Hack it was also great fun. I would also like to share my projects here in this blog I hope you will like it.

GitHub logo imanishbarnwal / mlh-local-hack-day

MLH Local Hack Day: Build

MLH Local Hack Day: Build

Guild Name: Tech Bubble

Date: 10th to 18th January

If you're new to GitHub just follow the instructions on and make your first Pull Request. To complete the challenge.

Add yourself below as a Team Member.

Team Members:

Okay guys, thanks for being with me till here, I hope you enjoyed this. And want to be part of the event from next season. See you there!! :)

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