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Farjad Hasan
Farjad Hasan

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Pakistani Tech Women in 2019

These inspiring women in tech are making Pakistan proud.

Ayman Sarosh
Ayman Sarosh, a freelancer based in Pakistan. She has been awarded best Freelancere of the Year award by Payoneer.

Asma Zaheer
Asma Zaheer is a Pakistani computer scientist. She has been honored with IBM’s highest esteemed award “Best of IBM 2019”. It makes her the first Pakistani Computer Scientist to receive this achievement.

Naureen Hayat
Naureen Hayat is the Co-Founder of Tez Financial Services. A smartphone application that provides instant loans. Recently, she has won the $100K first prize at Visa Everywhere Initiative: Women’s Global Edition.

Shanza Faiq
Shanza Faiq is a BA-LL.B graduate of 2016. She has topped the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam and has been inducted into the Foreign Services of Pakistan Group.

Dr. Sara Saeed
Dr. Sara Saeed CEO and Co-Founder of a Tele-Medicine delivery system. She has been awarded Rolex Awards for Enterprise as Associate LAUREATE for her project called “Sehat Kahani”. Dr. Sara Saeed has now become the first Pakistani woman in the list of 150 Laureates.

Source: TechJuice

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