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Co founding the Safe Exchange

title: "Co founding the Safe Exchange"
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---Safex was a cool Ideal keep in mind i made 0 money I was well off it was like adventure I am a venture funder so i did not need a dime !!(i was a smart silicon valley vet and we had a verbal agreement he was smart young and polish super kid a smart jewish guy{jr zuck was the name i gave him . I had no need of ever being paid from him he knew that. So many fake,s in the valley i welcomed a real person into my life in the cutthroat software world. He had become a Liberland Rockstar and has powerful and rich friends connected worldwide He also had a army of friends in high places serbian kings,Jim Richards,i was happy to help him get on track he had become a silicon valley legend ! he went from 0 to hero we were the 40 th ever block chain token .Daniel Dabek a fun guy to have around !We would hang out in my condo or our mini office i knew he would blow up we had 2 start csl and you know the other startup all fun and great times!

We met at noise bridge the hackerspace my career as a doctor of Oriental medicine acupuncture as well as a certified medical Qigong scientists master allowed me to analyze him with exact proficiency.

Later i named him Junior Zuckerberg .
I had been personaly trained by working doing bizdev start up hacking in the valley since 1998 and also worked with 49er great Rodger Craig as a personal trainer for the sports tech company/a brief stint doing executive protection for Jerry Rice taught me a lot about true startup spirit hope he's a Hall of famer he should be .An awesome human being who uses telepathy and talks very little! ,I have done Ua/Ui stints at Twitter Apple, lyft, Uber GitHub Government subcontract (anti terrorism software subcontract and a SuperLearning Healing / training for a US pentagon worker.

Hr Daniel Dabek a very hip young tons of natural yuan QI( streetwise alpha hacker we met at noise bridge. The year was 2013 when i met Danny D we became fast friends he had just hit town and was in need of some connections( homeless hungry-broke as f..k.(i had come from chicago via china(learning Accupuncture at Army hospital beijing under Gen Wan Su jian/Shaolin Temple Yu yi ren Qigong/under Gaolin shi to get my Omd degree i had lived in the oia airport for a year while in college daniel had my same Iron shirt will power/this made us fast friends!he was as fearless as me but with that amazeing Israelite hand of gold wedsite,s that would look corny but would pull customers like magic! I could care less about that because it is not what you have but what you can hack and i was chilling in my 2 bedroom 2 bath see the city Berkley apt.

I was in need of a hacker bro since my Dev's were offshore. I was a acupuncturist and Medical Qigong /Master Taiqi Master /human energy bio hacker who had even hacked death it self at alta bates Berkley in 2001 a medical fact my twins were born via (learned from the founder koryo sujichim) a c section the 1st was alive the second brain dead at birth 4.5 min .
I used nlp dolphin porpoise whale sounds dogon shaman the book of coming forth by day the supreme was there visualization meditation and kroyo suji chim esoteric korean hand acupuncture to reboot up his limbic brain.(That is another book Moan like a whale) ).
Dan was rich with coding skills but beyond broke+homeless(and thats the main point no one else can lead safex but DAN .
Dan is a great friend but alpha personality on the earth.

the safe exchange is his creation I happen to be number three employee my point is really simple nobody can carry the ball but him and if you have investment or shares he will turn it around and that will be worth a lot dan is a future billionaire for sure.

I Got 0 beef with Dan even though he didn't watch my back with the tokens, like when the feds from the anti terror task force came by asking my wife about white terorism and Dan that one was easy ! Dan ,was Safex i was just a friend who by his addmisson saved his life 2 -3 ways but as i told him Karma is the payer he was fair in his own way in my way i was owed 6 milion Safex tokens minimum.

ex security Biz Dev marketing finding the wining media guy video . But when my tokens get hacked Dan you could have even the score we were doing startup biz i feel like this was 2014 .

I'm not whining about any of it because I would not know the blockchain technology had I not been working with him so the payoff is and was exponentially massively incredible.

I want to start off by saying that developing software and startups with Daniel was awesome he hexs code, I hack energy. As I told him when he came just rolling with him was worth 3 million and for him rollin with me got us a market cap of 300 million. The most awesome part about it is our friendship was priceless and still is yeah we bumped heads on my value equation for the company,

Reality obviously I was underpaid if I look at the big picture the knowledge that .
I received in since we did two companies together the reality is history cannot be changed and being a part of CSL and the safe exchange put me in the history books with him.

There's another one it allowed me to smash the information technology market.

I think that the impact we had on the block chain,and continue to have with crypto technologies and decentralized technology and exchanges is it going to be more significant in the next hundred years then Jesus Christ.
Yeah you think I'm crazy but it's reality that startup and innovations that we bought to the blockchain and crypto technology will be more significant than Jesus Christ in the next hundred fifty to two hundred years no question.just think about it this technology will be used to make transactions. Only on the moon but l Mars and other planets in our solar system so cashless trustless interplanetary transactions.

He was like the Terminator coming out of that parking garage a superhuman software engineer that I'm honored to work with probably one of the world's greatest software engineers and I'm finally glad he got initiated.

He was always fascinated with my connections even though they were remote two members of the c group and the BG group.The liberland group is awesome you promised to hook me in with it time will tell .it wasn't about how much money.

I made it was a priceless startup experience that you can't put a dollar value on. All the training I did personally with Tony Robbins was effective and implementing our goals it's kind of like the Tony Robbins of the blockchain.

I've been in the silicon valley for over 22 years with various startups. I've worked at Uber Lyft GitHub when they got a threat from isis. Square as well as Apple. In a company called White pajamas.

I understand a little bit about project management since I was honored to do a contract for the department of defense was an independent contract . I also did one in holistic health for the Pentagon it was called the lumitron project very interesting. Obviously was human potential and developing people to the next level.

So the whole blockchain space is super exciting and as well as crypto technologies I think my meditation and energy training allowed me to really tune in to where I need to be on a conscious energetic level.

the whole thing of me putting him in that parking garage was actually a part of my training research that had done with the Pentagon on the lumitron project.

yeah I could have let him stay in my cushy two bedroom luxury apartment condo slash with patio can see the Golden gate bridge.
I wanted to see how he reacted under extreme stress is it was like a startup chest and I got to tell you he passed with flying colors the other developer I put him in my office and it turned out to be extremely bad trip.

Daniel proved that he's one of the most resilient people to lead a startup and he had all the right stuff and still does we're friends to this day even though I was super pissed at him not securing my tokens in 2013 when the blockchain was brand new I wasn't even that into it so even though it was $650,000 I'm not tripping because I know how to create an architecture that can get me any amount of money.

I need as well as my new anonymous decentralized exchange that I'm developing,so if I look at the big picture of making that startup was very auspicious and the one thing that I get that is more priceless and money is bragging rights the co-founder safe exchange is priceless. now it's on to the next hack.

Tony Robbins taught me when I personally trained with him and his ex-wife Becky they recruited me out of the San Francisco college of acupuncture neural associations as databases are more valuable than diamonds if you can harness them.

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The Non classified Lumatron project was about inner software development of super humans I used everything Tony Robbins trained me in 1 on 1 and the downing project I was certified in the Downing Technique in 1988 under Dr John Downing D,O,PHD On my unborn and newly born children and friends to experiment on with it,s power my 1 st born son(he was talking at 3 month old. Anybody i could find ! It worked !