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Hello my name is Imhotep I'm the CEO of My favorite non-coding Hobby is probably acupuncture I'm a doctor acupuncture and Oriental medicine with 38 years experience doing Tai Chi or sparring in MMA reading The Art of War high on the list to because business is almost can be love making or War generally I think via the thing that is closest to when I'm doing business is really kind of a combination of both but that helps me to get myself in the right space to deal with people cuz people are very deceptive and they always have a face so that the real heart of business is like The Art of War getting behind the face that people show you and I said well they really are behind the face I'd have to say Dallas yoga and medical Qigong and Tai Chi are probably three of my most favorite things outside of MMA sparring with my son and making him learn game and doing game development developing a game teaches you a lot of attention to detail and it's also a creative imaginative process.

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