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Discussion on: What if we would share code instead of packages?

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Ian Kleats

No defense needed (in my opinion). It just made me sweat a little bit given my use of express-graphql so I wanted to verify. I ran into a problem with Apollo just a couple weeks back where their "hidden" caching of query Documents was giving me problems because I hadn't been deep-copying parts of the resolveInfo that I was passing through part of my own library for modification. I mean, partially my fault for not writing a pure function in the first place, but there's also no disclaimer about their memoization/caching relying on you only ever using pure functions?

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Valeria Author

Edit: There used to be a code for graphql validation function, its explained much better in the comments above
In my case this server was meant to run in Kubernetes, so if my schema is invalid I need it to crush on start and therefore stop new deployment version rollout.