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My VS Code theme.....

I like to customize editors. Vscode is my most favorite editor ever. So I tried my best to customize it. Here is the full screen screenshot of vscode....

I've removed close button from tabs so that I don't accidentally close tabs when I click on tabs. Colors are my own choice....... I've modified color theme extensions and made it to my own package in my own repository. My VS Code is completely keyboard driven. I never touch my mouse while I use vscode.

I supported vscode CZ it supports vim. Vscode vim extension can provide almost full vim experience. Though it doesn't support loading local vimrc file but through vscode settings, many vim customizations are possible. It supports key mapping and leader key.

I mapped all the key bindings so that it becomes blazing fast. Even after using unnecessary 126 extensions my VS Code is super fast. I've removed all boring menus so that it becomes clean-wide.

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