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I like it.

It's clean and simple, without feeling basic. A far cry from a few other sites which blast you with heavy image based backgrounds and endless scrolling past adverts** and the like.

** I believe this is a huge deal for dev.to right now. The lack of advertising sprawled across the website makes for a welcoming and refreshing change. I'm unsure of the future plans but I really liken this to the days before twitter started pushing promotional tweets, facebook became a mess of 80% advert 20% user content and you could surf youtube without being sometimes forced to watch something you had 0 care about.


Even if they're going to implement some ads in the future, I think they'll do it in a smart way, I just feel that, maybe they'll create the ads themselves so they won't be annoying and may be even interesting.
For me, I always use AdBlock and it saves me a lot of ads headaches.

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