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★ Ultimate Guide to Go Variadic Funcs

What is inside?

  • ✪ What is a variadic func?

  • ✪ When to use a variadic func?

  • ✪ Slices and the Variadic Funcs

    • Using without params
    • How to pass an existing slice?
    • Passed slice’s spooky action at a distance
    • Passing multiple slices on-the-fly
    • Returning the passed slice
    • Expanding operator anti-pattern
    • Using the length of a variadic param
  • ✪ Signature of a variadic func

  • ✪ Mixing variadic and non-variadics params

    • Accepting variables types of arguments
    • Why does not Printf only accept just one variadic param?
    • Beware the empty interface type
    • Passing a slice to variadic param with an empty-interface
  • ✪ Functional programming aspects

    • Using a func’s result slice as a variadic param
    • Variadic options pattern example

Click here to read the guide.

See you next week!

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