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Discussion on: Should I go for JS or Python in long run in my career?

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Darrell Washington

As a rookie in this career field, I choosed what language to learn based on what I wanted to do. I once was in the same boat wondering if I should do Python or JS.

In my opinion I love front end development which leans more towards JS. So step one would be find out what you love to do most and what tool is commonly used for the area you love.

Also, don't restrict your learning learn both and it will help you master both languages and others faster. However, pick one for now and start a career you don't want to burn out and shift focus on languages to much.

So, this is my answer to your question. Good luck! You will succeed no matter what you choose.

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Divyesh Parmar Author

Thank you for the kind response. I guess yes I would like to keep working Python Django on the backend and React JS on front