Should I go for JS or Python in long run in my career?

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I've been preparing for jobs in mostly web development here in India, and I've been learning DS & Algorithms with Python also Library & frameworks like Node.js and jQuery So I wonder should I go with JavaScript full way or Python (sometimes I think I like Python a bit more over JavaScript, though I know JAVA and C as well.

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JS via front end and node is being the go-to for more application development and Python is more popular for algorithm-heavy dev and stats stuff.

Of course, you'll have options no matter what you pick, but if you are looking to have a career more in app/web development, JS. If you are more into the "everything else" universe from devOps, to data/stats, etc. I'd go Python.

Of course plenty of apps are built with Python and JS has a broad set of use cases as well, so there is no wrong choice.


First of all thank you for the humble response.

I mean yes in college for all the DS & Algorithm stuff I was using JAVA, and since last 8 months I'm using Python for all that Algorithms stuff for working on stats model and all. Being a fresher in the market, whenever I see someone online stating that they are Python Developer and working at big 4 like companies, they are working on really interesting and touching topics. So I dream to be a Python Developer in the long term.

But looking at the market for starting my first job it seems like I must have knowledge of both.

Still I'm grinding Python everyday by solving those algorithm problems on Hackerrank, Leetcode, just because I want to learn Machine Learning by the end of this year so I hope Python will help me more in that way.

Also one more question, Python and JS both are Interpreted languages, and whenever I see something is powerful is built with C++, do you think doing projects with C++ and learning that would help me understand working analogy and concepts better in all other frameworks/libraries or live production ccode


Ohh this clarifies several things. I, being little conservative due to less knowledge thought, people who don't have CS major mostly use JS because they want to create apps and earn more. But yeah it doesn't make sense perhaps.

I was always fascinated to see Python Developer in the bio and wonder wow must be a prestigious job/working


If you're looking to get a job, then knowing some javascript will definitely help you even if you're looking to be a python developer. I work with Django framework, and jQuery comes in handy if have to do some data manipulation in front end.


Oh yes I guess that's what I'm doing and learning almost, next task would be to learn React and couple it to my Django Blog site. I hope I get job soon

My django blog site you guys can see here, sorry for the only HTML, CSS in front end it doesn't looks that nice to eyes but still a nice structure blogbuster.pythonanywhere.com


... and jQuery comes in handy if have to do some data manipulation in front end.

Awaiting the uproar and disgust of the Javascript purists and jQuery naysayers, Hahaha! Kidding.


As a rookie in this career field, I choosed what language to learn based on what I wanted to do. I once was in the same boat wondering if I should do Python or JS.

In my opinion I love front end development which leans more towards JS. So step one would be find out what you love to do most and what tool is commonly used for the area you love.

Also, don't restrict your learning learn both and it will help you master both languages and others faster. However, pick one for now and start a career you don't want to burn out and shift focus on languages to much.

So, this is my answer to your question. Good luck! You will succeed no matter what you choose.


Thank you for the kind response. I guess yes I would like to keep working Python Django on the backend and React JS on front


IMO, they're both fine languagues. Perhaps consider the kind of tasks you'll be working on, beyond mastering the language. Do you like to work on UI? Server apps? What subjects in class did you enjoy?


What I'm trying to convey is,right now I'm preparing with webdevelopment which is at JS at least on front even if I go with Django on backend.

My aim is to start learning Machine Learning after job hours as soon as I get the job. So


I see, well keep the python around then, good luck :)


I've added a description but I'm not able to see it, can you guys suggest me something so that the description is also visible


IMO [nodeJS, JavaScript] is cool, popular, great, scalable but companies in India are mostly running on PHP or python backend. And some here and there automation stuff, ML. So python definitely has good job scope.


I feel the same way too, but I try to look at international trend so that it helps me in long run as well. But yes what you said is correct, I guess i need to establish myself first


Hey I jumped in to edit it. You can check out the source now to see how that's supposed to go.

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