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Platform for digitizing small-scale businesses


Me and my team built this platform in 36 hours in one of the hackathons
we attended. The idea was to design and develop a platform to help local shopkeepers and businessmen to go online and improve their sales. Keeping in mind the lack of technical fluency of such shopkeepers, we decided to build a platform where they only had to do two things:

  1. Select how their website should look ( we had different selection windows : themes, navbar, footer, body, card ( for their products, etc ) ), kind of how people build their bitmoji avatar on snapchat

  2. Enter the data ( in the form of spreadsheets ) of their products ( like price, quantity(stock), etc )

And once the user would hit the 'Generate Website' button, our backend system would create the website for them and host it on github pages ( static ) or heroku ( dynamic )

Link to the project code:

Frontend: https://github.comindraasura/sabki-dukan
Automated feedback system:

How I built it:

I used React JS for creating the frontend interface and DRF with Jinja2 to create the templates and bring them together to create the website according to the data received from the user and to handle other API endpoints as well. To host the website, we used GitHub's API to create repositories and host them as github pages.

We then added an additional feature and created a dashboard for the businessmen where they can conduct automated surveys. We used twillio's API to generate automated calls. The voice-over in these calls would be determined by the questionnaire flow created by the user ( we made a drag-and-drop interface with editable text ( for the questions ) and the user could connect these questions in the UI using lines and links ) For this, we used React-Storm and then all the user has to do is hit the 'Generate Call' button and the call would be made.

We also used Google's speech-to-text and text-to-speech API to convert the questions into speech as well as record the customer's answer to the survey, convert it into text and store it in the DB

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