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Great article and a nice overview that can inspire a lot of people. I'm also a big fan of using TS, it's still JS just a little safer.

I do want to correct you on the topic of web automation that selenium is not the only free option to do so.
I think Cypress is very good free alternative. They do have payed (hosted) options but aren't mandatory to use.
Besides that, it has a low learning curve and excellent documentation.
Not to mention the very good tooling to write, debug and run tests fast.

I do want to note that because of how Cypress and Selenium approach a web application, one or the other might not be suited for every situation.

But, Cypress is certainly worth mentioning ;)


It's funny because my engineering team at work is trying to pitch me Cypress right now too. For a long time, I didn't like Cypress because it only worked with Chrome. I've hear that they've changed this, which would definitely shift my perspective on it.

Cypress also is nice because of the way it integrates with CircleCI. Thanks for the insightful addition, I probably should have mentioned Cypress.


Try TestCafe then. AFAIK Cypress is not free. TestCafe is free and works in multiple browsers, even remote, mobile, headless or not.

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