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Software Developer, Coffee Glutton, Quality Lover ▫◽◻⬜◻◽▫ My name is Tiago Marques and I am curious. I try to learn more about everything, and seek solutions to the problems around me.

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University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) | CS💻>


Software Developer at Worklife Barometer

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Do you need to be good at maths to be a software developer?

Tl;Dr; No, but it will help you if you are 🙂

👨🏻‍🔬🧪 Testing

No it's not 😏

Revamp your profile's color scheme!

It's working now 🙂 But there's a small issue, at least in Edg...

Revamp your profile's color scheme!

Didn't work for me :/ Can't find my account.. Anyway, good i...

👨🏻‍💻 How to solve the Z-index issue Within 1 minute😲😲

I remember tilt, but afaik it was removed some years ago... B...

👨🏻‍💻 How to solve the Z-index issue Within 1 minute😲😲

Any Firefox alternatives?

What is your top tool that most devs would be surprised you use regularly?

Windows Virtual Desktops + On Board Memory Mouse macro keys ...

Adventures in Vue's render function

Thank you for the enlightening post :)

Finding joy in WordPress again, with React, Gatsby & GraphQL

I've used, the idea is cool but in the end, shaping Wordpre...

I created a Quiz app using Svelte and now I cannot go back to any other framework.

I think Vue3 is gonna have a similar way of working in term...

3 tools to showcase your GitHub profile

Thank you!!!

What is your preferred keyboard for programming?

Dell SK-8135 It's an old keyboard, I think from 2005-2007, ...

What's your most re-watchable movie?

First two Fast and Furious, probably whatched them over 10 ...

What was the first thing you did with a programming language that made you happy?

I did lot of different things, but the ones I enjoyed the m...

What playlists do you listen to when programming?

Electronic music in shuffle mode :

Terrible Interview Questions


Terrible Interview Questions

There's actually some science behind it, the actual reason ...

Terrible Interview Questions

Why do tennis balls have "fur"?

15 underrated VSCode Themes for a change in 2019 🤷🏻‍♀️

Really loved the 12. Outrun Theme

Describe Your Job With a GIF!

11 Popular Technologies and the Wackadoo Origins of Their Names

Delphi have a great connectivity with Oracle databases. Del...

Password manager recommendations?

MyKi - non-cloud password manager and on-demand authenticat...

Common Acronyms Every Newbie in Software Engineering Should Know — Part 1

GRASP - General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns

Common Acronyms Every Newbie in Software Engineering Should Know — Part 1

Single responsibility principle a class should have only a ...

Favourite albums to listen to while coding

Shuffle around this:

Improve Your Windows Development Environment

Amazing article ☺ Show us your octocat alter ego

PS: I'm actually more like the next one, I just did this ...

What teaching my kids how to play tic-tac-toe taught me about user onboarding experience

Very interesting :)

What is your favourite function()?

Yeah, just like console.log(var1, var2) in JS

What is your favourite function()?

You can

What is your favourite function()?

I usually do like: die(var_dump());

The road to senior dev part 2


Music for learning

Is just like Spotify, but with a larger library. And I pref...

Music for learning

Electronic is the best fit for me :) My likes on Deezer Bu...

A simple tip for cleaner code

One more thing for me to dislike PSR... I really don't like...

Static - A simple fun website

gatsbyjs/gatsby: Blazing fast static site generator for Rea...

Github Guesser - A Starry Game


A simple tip for cleaner code

function foo($bar) { //why? if...

Microsoft bought GitHub? How's that going to affect text editors?

10 essential extensions for VS Code

I use most of those, but in addition as an Honorable mentio...

Give me your best programming haiku

"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your cod...

What's your web browser of choice?

Firefox all the way... At work for development and search, ...

How do you handle days where you just aren't motivated?

Hard music!

Can I see your terminal?

GIT Bash, Powershell, CMD, embedded VS Code Terminal and mR...

Is Coding an Art?

«We write novels for the computer.» Love it!

How did you first start out learning programming?

I've started with about 16 years old, thourgh a PDF (transl...

Can I see your desktop home screen

Yep, you always need the targeting S.O. to compile properly...

Can I see your desktop home screen

Ohm, I see I'm actually more productive with Windows environm...

Can I see your desktop home screen

Why sadly?

Can I see your desktop home screen

Here's mine :) Some years ago I used always RocketDock , bu...

How software projects got their name

Why the name "Delphi"? As explained in the Delphi Museum ar...

Developer Differences: Makers vs Menders

Looks like I am a Maker :D

When working from home, how do you turn off at the end of the day?

Using you suggestion, It could also use dual boot OS or dual ...

My All-Time Favorite Demonstration of a Cross-Site Scripting Attack

< script >alert('Hello XSS')</ script >

16 Best Source Code Gems [Collection]

I had a code that was exactly number 5... I did write... bu...

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

Yeah, I was thinking about this discussion another day, and...

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

I was just like that... but then I've found a...

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

what are the order of arguments in short-syntax CSS like pa...