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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide For Beta Testing Mobile Apps

The majority of our 15,000 customers use us in the beta builds of their apps and we constantly get questions about beta testing.

So we decided to put together a beginner's guide with tips, resources, and answers to the most common questions about beta testing mobile apps.

Here's what you'll learn in these 50+ slides:

  • What is beta testing?
  • Why is it important?
  • What types of beta tests are there?
  • How long should a beta test take?
  • What are the best places to distribute your app?
  • What are the responsibilities of beta testers?
  • What types of beta testers are there?
  • How many beta testers do you need?
  • Where can you find beta testers?
  • How should you manage beta testers?
  • How can you motivate your beta testers?
  • Where can you learn more about beta testing?

See the full presentation here: The Ultimate Guide For Beta Testing Mobile Apps

We're all about feedback (user feedback lies at the heart of our company!), and we'd love to hear yours. Share your comments and beta testing questions with us at or ask us anything at

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