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Discussion on: How to Weaponize Impostor Syndrome

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Matt Eland Author • Edited on

Yeah, I try to avoid numbers in article headers for that reason. I also try to avoid long headers, but on the other hand - if I do invest time in an article, I want people to be interested in it so they'll give it a chance.

On the other hand, "weaponizing" is the mental terminology I use when talking to myself about how to handle impostor syndrome, so it was a very easy title for me to pick (vs "Getting Lazy with C#" for example, which took some time to pick that title).

Fine line, but authors want their work to be appreciated and part of that means interesting headers, images, headings, and even things like quotes and bullet points. I'm doing this for fun and for free, I just want the most people to get benefit out my time as possible.