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Technology as a means and not the end for the productivity of companies

One of Intelvue's primary objectives is to be able to participate in the digital transformation processes of companies and improve their productivity through the latest technological innovations in the market based on their particular needs.

However, when we meet with our clients, we do not stop insisting on the same premise: we consider technology as the tool that will help us achieve it, but not the end. We tell you why.

A few days ago we talked about how to achieve process optimization. The most important thing to keep in mind is that technology is the means by which these processes are streamlined in any project, errors are minimized and the use of resources is maximized.

Increase productivity in a company How?

Of course, increasing productivity depends on numerous factors, but it is important to admit from the beginning that technology and those tools that we are going to equip ourselves to achieve are a means and not the end.

At this point, we want to clarify several concepts for which we believe this idea will become clearer.

1. Agile methodology to adapt work management to the project

The agile methodology we have spoken on other occasions. Adapting working conditions to a certain project and your particular circumstances will help us reduce costs and increase productivity.

##2. Motivation, training and direct involvement#

It is true that the staff must be trained to meet the needs of a certain project. However, if the team is taught to get the most out of the technology used to carry it out, it will help to make better decisions at all times.

3. Business management software and global solutions, a key medium

Good work software will help achieve the desired productivity in the company.

Management, communication, a collaborative and operational suite that helps and optimizes at all levels within the organization, specially adapted to meet the needs of any project, is key.

Ultimately, increasing productivity depends largely on how to take advantage of the technology at our fingertips. If in addition to this model there is participation from all parties involved in the project, the results will be seen in the short term reflected in our objective and profitability.

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