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Auditing Taproot Kitchen Using and WAVE

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As a student, I love getting involved with the community outside of the classroom. One of the ways that I did this was joining a community service organization. This has been a really fulfilling experience for me since I haven't done anything like it before. Through my organization, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the concession stands at sporting events, help clean up stadiums after football games, and help make improvements to local parks.

One of the coolest events that we do as an organization is volunteer at Taproot Kitchen. Taproot is an organization that helps adults with intellectual disabilities gain culinary training and meaningful employment.

After running the audits, there were a number of areas that could be improved, specifically with performance and SEO. Even though performance of the website was extremely poor, the accessibility and best practices of the website were nearly perfect. Because of this, I'll mainly focus on how to improve the performance and SEO.

One of the main areas that needs to improve is eliminating unnecessary code. One of the aspects that highlighted was unused CSS and JavaScript. One of the ways to fix this would be to remove unused CSS and only attaching the needed libraries to the page or component of the page. Reducing or switching the number of WordPress plugins would also help to reduce the amount of unused CSS.

There is also an issue of render-blocking within the website. One of the ways to help mitigate this is to identify the critical code and move it to an inline script tag within the HTML page. Doing this will give it what it needs to handle the page's core functionality first.

Overall, Taproot Kitchen does a great job with the accessibility and best practices but struggles greatly with performance. It seems like the website is in a good spot given that there are only a few areas that desperately need attention.

Video explanation of the audit

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