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VueJS in addition to HTML and CSS

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VueJS? What's that?

VueJS is a framework for JavaScript. It is very easy to implement Vue into your code. All you have to do is create a script with the src pointing to the Vue library which can be found online. After that, you are able to use any and all elements of the VueJS framework within your own code.

How I used VueJS with my resume:

My thought process behind implementing VueJS was that I wanted to create a business card that would be easy to put on any website. I used the CSS grid style to my advantage with this and placed each element of the card on different parts of the grid. I then created the Vue elements that would be necessary for the card, like a first and a last name. I did this and added it to my h1 element in the html code. I utilized the loop functionality on two parts of the card to get information across easily and effectively. I added both an applications and skills section to the bottom left and bottom right of the card. Since it is easier to put these elements under bullet points, I used "li" and "ul" (I have to use "" instead of <> because markdown will actually create a list in this post) in the html code and pulled the information from the Vue component. Overall, I think it is beneficial to use VueJS in order to improve readability and lessen the amount of code that you have to use in html. I think that you can do more with less (in terms of code) with the framework and it lessens the amount of headaches you'll have trying to implement different types of code across html.


Video explaining how I used VueJS

Codepen source of my business card

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