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Hello everyone!


My name is Alex and I am a junior at Penn State University. I am studying Information Sciences & Technology (IST). This major is basically a mix of business/IT and computer science. I am also pursuing a minor in Supply Chain Management, which I think will give me an edge against any people I may be competing with for a job position. After graduating, I'm not completely sure yet which career path I would like to pursue. IT Consulting is one of the areas that I have really enjoyed so far, so that is definitely a top contender between possible career paths.
Technology has always been an area/topic that has interested me. I grew up surrounded by devices which is probably what led to my inclination. When deciding what I wanted to major in at school came pretty easily to me -- something tech. This is why I love the major I chose. It combines both of the things that I love and I really couldn't see my self doing anything else.
Since I was 16, I've been working part-time jobs in the food industry. These jobs have taught me a lot about hard-work, time management, communication, and resilience. This summer I am going to have my first professional internship which is something I am very excited about. I can't wait to take what I've learned in the classroom and apply it to a real world solution. I'm not exactly sure if the position is going to be virtual or in-person, but I'm looking forward to it regardless.

Visual Studio Code

In the video attached below, I will be talking about how to set up a simple HTML file in Visual Studio Code and I will show some of my favorite/most useful plugins. Though I have not had a lot of experience programming HTML, I really enjoy using Visual Studio and I would definitely consider using it in the future for any other programming needs. Visual Studio also makes it very easy for users to acquire plugins to customize the program so its catered to them.
I have only taken one course that revolves around HTML and CSS and web development in general. I thought the class was very interesting but I feel like I didn't become as well-rounded with the language as I should've. Being that I have a background in programming primarily with Java and Python, I thought the language itself was fairly easy to pick up-- it doesn't feel like it takes a great deal of technical skills in order to effectively use it. Though I am more interested in back-end development than front-end, I think that HTML is very interesting and something that I would consider learning more about given the opportunity.

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