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How to place background image using ::before pseudo selector

inurfacejerks profile image Mike ・1 min read

Hello everyone! I've been on DEV for a while now and have always wanted to get my hands dirty posting stuff and showing off the skills I've learned.

Well, this is my first post I thought fit to share as it is something that I was curious about but never made the time to try out.

Today I'm gonna look at how to add a background image using the::before pseudo-element.

My research into this nifty trick took me to the Geeks for Geeks website and they have it all laid out pretty nice and easy to follow, although I just made some small adjustments to make the layout look how I wanted all of the magic is from Geeks for Geeks, so big thanks to them for helping me to understand this.

I hope my post will clarify the ins and outs for any other beginners out there who are looking to try this out.

Ps. There is this annoying blur on the button I'm still trying to figure out what that is :)

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