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This is my first post here and am really excited to reach out to you reading this post. I had a deep thought Last night and it centers on "TIME". Here's my thought>>>"If I spend an average of 6-7 hours daily on my phone and TV...By the end of the week I would have spent 42-49 hours on phone & TV and when this is multiplied by 4 weeks which makes 1 month, I would have spent a total of 168-196 hours monthly" converting this time spent on TV & mobile to something more productive like learning a new skill I would have increased self worth, competence and capacity in any field.If you take 10 mins to reflect on how much time you have wasted so far.....Time spent doing stuffs that are needful but not quintessential. I realize we still have to sort what we assume is needed and what is really needed.Reality check....Use your time effectively and efficiently. One day Time would do a reverse flash on our actions. Set your goals with deadline peeps. Use the Pomodoro Technique if you wish....TIME >>(Time, Intention, Money, Energy).We must never get carried away by our first successful punch at life....In any field or discipline... We must remain humble and stay focused.
I have decided to attain the status of a full stack developer by the year and am making frantic and productive efforts to meet my goals. My life has been segmented into different time zones of software engineering activities.

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