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VIM usage

Today I suddenly wanted to learn vim on a whim, and opened youtube to learn from blogger Huang Haojie. Here are some notes below.

The address of his video: vim入门教程(第2讲) - YouTube

  • w: the next word
  • B: the previous word

  • H: left
  • L:right
  • J:dwon
  • k:up

  • ctrl + F: turn up
  • ctrl + D: turn down

  • xxx(line number) + gg: jump to the specified line

  • xxx(line number) + j: jump xxx lines down

  • xxx(line number) + k: jump xxx lines up

  • / + xxx(the word to find): find all the specified word

we can jump by pressing on the N key on the keyboard.Instead,we can use the shift + n to find the previous word.

  • cc: cut a specified line

we can also cut specified lines use the command of 'cc', for example, if we want to cut 2 lines, we can use this command: 'c2c'.

  • u: revoke the previous operation
  • p: paste

This is the first time for me to write a blog in English, so if there is a mistake, please correct me.

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