re: Which editor do you use when opening files like .bash_profile, etc? VIEW POST


Confusingly, this is the only thing I use vim for. Everything else is in a different tool.


SAME! I have never even considered opening it in Sublime which is my main editor of choice when I am coding


I use the same, and never thought about other tool to edit it.


For me it's the same. The only downside is that my vim skills don't evolve as fast as I want them to.


I don't find this to be overly odd. I was actually specifically curious as to whether this was a thing.


I think since some people (myself included) think of vim as an editor just for quick edits, we use it for just that

What about the thought that stuff like vi is often the default way to do these things, it becomes your standard procedure, even if for code editing you've always used other types of editors?

I feel like this scenario could play out because folks may not switch off of the approximate default behavior.

What if the situation in which we edit these files is one where we're on an ssh connection in a console window where vim is the most powerful choice that isn't a desktop application? And then that becomes default behavior for config files, like you suggest.


I used to do this in vim, I think because I thought it was quicker. Since I have VS Code open almost all of the time, especially if I'm doing something to .bash_profile, it's just as quick to open in Code and easier (well, more comfortable) to edit.

Also, I have tended to use the terminal from within VS Code more these days, so the whole open and edit process can happen in the same program and I like that.

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