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Discussion on: Are Ad Blockers blocking Google Analytics?

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Mike Bifulco

So -- yes, ad blockers do tend to block Google Analytics. As I understand it, there's a couple different approaches you might use to address this:

  1. Do nothing. Some of your analytics will be lost due to this kind of attrition, but you'll be honoring the preferences of your users, essentially.
  2. Ask your users to whitelist your site from adblock
  3. Supplement your GA with another analytics tool, so that you can compare numbers.
  4. Re-host and proxy google analytics, as outlines in this blog post
  5. Use Fathom for analytics, which you can self-host via their OSS release, or use their paid service.
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Atta Author

Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it 🙌

Since I am also a developer and regularly use different privacy tools, I would go with the first option and won't do anything.

GA tracking is not as important as the privacy of the users. I asked the question out of curiosity to understand what actually happened.