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Discussion on: Helping Men in Tech Help Women In Tech

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I read your link and I am very saddened. But first I will point out that the two redactors of your article are highly biased towards female issues and I won't argue why unless you ask as it is quite obvious. I read in the article the following thing: 44% of women consider discrimination in the tech is a major problem, 36% a minor problem and the rest...we have no idea. The article presents the numbers as follows : 80% of women in tech think discrimination in tech is a problem. Well the problem is biased conclusions. It seems the considerations about the magnitude of the problem is quite the same among men and women. I would also argue that the current socio-political climate does not help getting an objective opinion on the subject and that a survey on "How people feel" should be expected to give these results, it be actual wide discrimination or not. It would be more interesting to obtain facts. How many times proportionately to the gender repartition in tech does a woman is the lead of a project? Are there rational explanations in case of disparity? But I see none of this.