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Discussion on: You Probably Don't Need a Mac

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Baris Sencan • Edited on

Cloud and web technologies have come a long way. This year I moved from having a high-end Windows gaming laptop and a Mac Mini (and previously owning only a MacBook Pro) to just having a Chromebook. PWAs are awesome. I use Photopea for image manipulation, Visual Studio Codespaces for web and mobile development (you can self-host an environment or use Azure), and Shadow for gaming. I have a 300 GBP Chromebook (excl VAT) and the battery life while doing these tasks are immense, the touchscreen is nice and high resolution and I can't be happier. I do have an unlimited data phone plan though due to the need to be able to do these tasks while traveling, but ChromeOS integrates so nicely with Android that you can share internet with zero hassle.

It's also important to note that ChromeOS devices are immensely secure and can run Android and Linux applications.

Most of the time I'm surprised at the value I get from this machine, as I have three virtual desktops going most of the time for work relating to two companies and my own personal stuff.

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Jordan Worner

I completely agree, I have been using a Chromebook as part of my core devices for the last 4 years. With everything in in the cloud I can jump from device to device without having to maintain a bunch of dev environments. I have a Mac, PC and a Chromebook and honestly I really enjoy ChromeOS just getting out of the way.

Having remotely hosted containers for development has greatly streamlined my development process, especially when it comes to collaborating with other developers. Now with VS/Github Codespaces and Gitpod the setup has become so much easier.

I also enjoy having my development environments located in the same data centre as my data, the transfer speeds are crazy fast, something that I didn't appreciate until I recently moved to an area with rubbish internet.