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Grafana Pareto Plugin

With the introduction of React to Grafana Plugins, development has changed drastically. Don't want to go too much in details but, transforming, visualising, thresh-holding, opting, dashboard data is much more fun now. In combination with typescript you can create complex but also durable plugins which can be easily maintained and build up-on by the community.

[Code] Feel free to download and try it out!

Sample panel

In this view you can see a pretty standard Pareto-chart, with custom options like for setting the vital few and the trivial many, the visibility of the axis en bar paddings. These are small and basic features, but currently we don't need more... :)

Will be updating this post during the development. So I will try to give you guys a bit more insights. But, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please share...

Some Context

One of my latest challenges was to help create a dashboard in Grafana where they also needed a Pareto-chart.

To our surprise this wasn't developed yet... There was a request, which wasn't picked up by anyone. So I was able to get my hands dirty :D

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