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Art of GOOGLEing

GOOGLE - Our day to day lifesaver. Whenever we stuck on a word, or we have a serious question in our mind, we GOOGLE it. But we face a similar problem every time as we search for Python the snake, and we end up with the programming language. There are many ways for an effective GOOGLE search. Today we will discuss it.

Either Word


If you want to find pages with one of several words, use a capitalized OR, results will show pages that include all the terms.

Google OR



An asterisk works as a wildcard and helps you find your missing word in a phase.

Google asterisk

Find news related to a particular location


Use this on Google News to find stories coming to form a particular location.

Google location

Search for a particular filetype


Google will restrict results to pages that end in suffix.

Google filetype:suffix

Search similar


Find sites with similar content to a URL you already know.

Google related

Search within a site


Get results from a certain domain.

Google site

Search exact phases


If you want to search the exact phrase, write it in quotation marks.

Google quotation

Exclude a word


Add a dash just before a word to exclude a search term. This is useful if you search for a word with several meanings.

Google dash


I listed some of the ways to make an effective Google search to ease your day. Hope this helps you. Never stop learning and Happy Googleing!

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