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Font ligatures in Vscode

Ligatures are awesome and they produce very picturesque figures while coding, which makes them a bliss to use.
Here is a guide on how to implement them in vscode.

Step 1: Download fira code

Fira code is a font made exclusively for developers and supports ligatures.
You can download that from google fonts here.

Step 2: Update Vs Code's default font

To do this open up visual studio code and go to settings then in the place of Font Family type down Fira Code.
After this you will see fira code as your defualt font for coding.

Step 3: Enable ligatures

There is one last step you need to follow to enable ligatures.
In visual studio hit Ctrl+Shift+P (Command instead of ctrl if you are on mac). Then hit open settings.json.
This will open settings.json a file with all your configurations.
locate editor.fontligatures and write true ahead of it.

Enjoy and comment down if you like those ligatures.

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