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Ítalo Santana
Ítalo Santana

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Why is 100 days coding necessary?

It's not just 100 days, it's very difficult days that not everyone is able to complete the challenge.

More hours, more days developing something, it will make you get into the development habit and learn at once every function, variable, object and everything that encompasses your programming language. This is the real reason for you to take the 100-day challenge and nobody talks about it, but I do: it's hard.

Habit will make you have constancy.

Habit will make you always learn something new.

The habit will make you look to become a good professional.

Everyone who is migrating to the TECH field should take the 100-day challenge with the language they are interested in learning.

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Fabian Gargaglione

Personally, as with everything, especially coding, 100 days of coding gives you enough challenges and also discipline to help you across your entire career. As long as you keep finding yourself reasons to feel dumb again, and attempt your best not to, I believe you've become a great programmer.

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Luís Von Muller

I've never done 100 days of code. 😩
Maybe I'll try soon, but you know, that will be a huge ass pain if I do bad on choosing topics.

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Ítalo Santana

try to choose subjects that are about your interest: games, sports, books and everything gets easier... o/