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Does Hacktoberfest fill up quick with completionists?

I'm seeing a whole bunch of people like "already did 12+ PRs!" and seeing the 50k limit on the shirts makes me wonder just how big this thing is.

I'm more the type to look for areas I, in particular, can help with, rather than the grind out a bunch of things to make the numbers go up quick.


Last year I think something like 46k people got shirts? Not sure where I saw this number, though.

From experience I think there's usually a big rush the first couple of days and then toward the end of the month, but you should be fine to complete it at your own pace. 🙌


The number actually comes from the Hacktoberfest page. Last year I participated doing small things and I'm the proud owner of one the 5th edition shirts, so I'm part of that 46k!

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