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Daily Hacktoberfest Miscellaneous discussion (October 1st)

Hey folks, in addition to all the great posts folks are making in the hacktoberfest tag in general, I am going to post daily threads just for random chat. Feel free to use the comments to promote a repo, ask for help, really anything.


This tag is for content related to Hacktoberfest 2022. Open source maintainers can use this tag on posts about their project seeking contributions (we recommend adding #contributorswanted also). Contributors can tag posts documenting their Hacktoberfest journey and progress. NOTE: please read the rules section for necessary details and updates on participating this year.

Happy coding!

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rubiin profile image

New to hacktoberfest. so to qualify all 4 pr should be accepted right?

jackharner profile image
Jack Harner πŸš€

If I remember correctly, they don't have to be accepted, you just have to create them. The PRs do get verified though so they can't be all spammy.

Here's their Details Page if you have more questions.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Hmmmm I was under the impression that they need to be merged. I should probably know this kind of thing for sure πŸ™ƒ

Thread Thread
jackharner profile image
Jack Harner πŸš€

luturol profile image
Rafael Ahrons

Rules from hacktoberfest say that you only need to create 4 pull request and they will still count unless they are spam, irrelevant, or labeled as invalid.

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

What does this mean from your previous post?

Structural improvements along the way are vital for the help of a complex app.
ben profile image
Ben Halpern

I mean that besides new features or bugs, we need to constantly improve the code itself without it ever being an after thought.

For outside contributors who can't have a full picture understanding of the nuance of feature building in a consumer app, it is especially helpful when folks jump in and improve the code itself or move code around to create better abstractions and general codebase health.

highcenburg profile image
Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

Thanks Ben!

amorpheuz profile image
Yash Dave

I am new to ruby and was recently asked (politely) to write some specs for an issue I am working on. From what I have understood until now, it looks like the file is written using RSpec-Rails. It would be lovely if anyone can suggest any beginner-friendly guides to the same for self-learning!

Bug/fixes links without http(s) #4155

Amorpheuz avatar
Amorpheuz commented on Sep 30, 2019

What type of PR is this? (check all applicable)

  • [ ] Refactor
  • [ ] Feature
  • [x] Bug Fix
  • [ ] Documentation Update


Fix invalid links in article/comments due to absence of http/https

  • updates app>lin>redcarpet>render>html_rouge.rb
  • checks if a link added to article or comment by author contains https:// or http:// or is nil.
    • If true keeps link as is.
    • If false appends // to the link in order to prevent it from appending to's url.

Related Tickets & Documents


Added to documentation?

  • [ ]
  • [ ] readme
  • [x] no documentation needed

[optional] What gif best describes this PR or how it makes you feel?

Figured out a way to test WSL changes via travis πŸŽ‰. After ditching a previous branch, hehe. yay!

downey profile image
Tim Downey

RSpec is just a testing framework so if you're familiar with unit testing in another language you should find it pretty comparable once you get past the BDD syntax.

Some helpful resources:

If you haven't done much unit testing I'd recommend looking up "TDD and Rails".


itsasine profile image
ItsASine (Kayla)

Does Hacktoberfest fill up quick with completionists?

I'm seeing a whole bunch of people like "already did 12+ PRs!" and seeing the 50k limit on the shirts makes me wonder just how big this thing is.

I'm more the type to look for areas I, in particular, can help with, rather than the grind out a bunch of things to make the numbers go up quick.

downey profile image
Tim Downey

Last year I think something like 46k people got shirts? Not sure where I saw this number, though.

From experience I think there's usually a big rush the first couple of days and then toward the end of the month, but you should be fine to complete it at your own pace. πŸ™Œ

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

The number actually comes from the Hacktoberfest page. Last year I participated doing small things and I'm the proud owner of one the 5th edition shirts, so I'm part of that 46k!

manabl profile image
Manuel Blanco

Hey folks, I'm helping a friend of mine with one of his projects and we would be glad if you guys can help us out and contribute with your PRs!

Here's the link for all of the repos:

I'm currently working in this one:

I did my first PRs a few hours ago and I'm working to make the other ones for the rest of the evening. Happy hacking! :)

0ctavia profile image

This looks like something I can easily contribute to myself, I started not too long ago so I remember how confusing it all was at first.

manabl profile image
Manuel Blanco

Awesome! hope to see those PRs coming :)

chrislutz profile image
Christian Lutz

If you like Python, Flask and web development, my open source project ServerMonitor is maybe the right project for you. ;)

You also can visit the Website.

Simply do a pull request or send me a message here on or on Twitter.
It would be awesome, to get in touch with some of you!

get_hariharan profile image
Hari Haran😎

Hey folks, I'm creating a library. I'm waiting for more user feedback on improving the experience. would be glad if you guys can help us out and contribute with your PRs!

Here's the link for my repo :

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

I made this post earlier, which should be helpful for folks interested in contributing to our repo...

sobolevn profile image
Nikita Sobolev

Hi everyone, we are looking for #Hacktoberfest contributors!

We are building the strictest #python linter ever. We have a lot of tasks for newcomers.
Join us!

GitHub logo wemake-services / wemake-python-styleguide

The strictest and most opinionated python linter ever!

wemake-python-styleguide Supporters Build Status Coverage Status Github Action Python Version wemake-python-styleguide

Welcome to the strictest and most opinionated python linter ever.

wemake-python-styleguide logo

wemake-python-styleguide is actually a flake8 plugin with some other plugins as dependencies.


pip install wemake-python-styleguide

You will also need to create a setup.cfg file with the configuration.

We highly recommend to also use:

  • flakehell for easy integration into a legacy codebase
  • nitpick for sharing and validating configuration across multiple projects



This app is still just good old flake8 And it won't change your existing workflow.

invocation resuts

See "Usage" section in the docs for examples and integrations.

What we are about

The ultimate goal of this project is to make all people write exactly the same python code.

black mypy pylint flake8 wemake-python-styleguide
Formats code? βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌
Finds style issues? βœ… ❌ βœ… βœ… βœ…
Finds bugs? ❌ βœ… βœ… πŸ€” βœ…
Finds complex code? ❌ ❌ βœ… πŸ€” βœ…
Has a
kahama94 profile image

Hey help here. I opened a pr that has my commits and a fellow colleague commits then I saw the creating a pr from someone else's branch is disruptive. How can I remove this pr from my hacktoberfest account. Since am seeing it already being tracked on my profile. Thanks

fultonbrowne profile image
Fulton Browne
padmanabhanm profile image
Padmanabhan M

There is a mature in: timer my profile on hacktoberfst running against the PRs I have submitted. What does the timer mean ?

matluz profile image
Matheus Luz

Can a t-shirt be sent internationally?

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt


scrabill profile image
Shannon Crabill

If you need someone to encourage you to participate if you are feeling a little spooked, I'm your gal.

I'm your open-source, Hacktoberfest hype gal.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

I just created an issue in our repo that folks are welcome to jump on!

Framed Image liquid tag #4181

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

As a user I might want to add an image to the site and automatically "frame" it in another image. I just think this would be kind of fun.

What I mean is that I can add an image from a URL that will then get added into another image based on existing templates.

A template like this:

So if I had a picture of a puppy I could put it into that template using two liquid tag params like such...

{% framedimage iphone-in-hand %}

I just think this could be a lot of fun.

Describe the solution you'd like

The implementation as I'm seeing it would actually be a pretty straightforward use of Cloudinary, which we already use all over the site for image manipulation and serving.

Details here...

It would plug into the Cloudinary Ruby library in some way like this...

cl_image_tag("iphone-in-hand.jpg", :overlay=>"", :width=>0.9, :gravity=>"north_east", :opacity=>70, :effect=>"brightness:50", :crop=>"scale")

Describe alternatives you've considered

Alternative to the Cloudinary API thing, it might make sense to thread the two images together using HTML and CSS instead. That might be the more appropriate way to do this.

Additional context

The way I see this is that we could have a fun library of "frames", each of which could have an associated slug of sorts. The slug is used as the second argument for the liquid tag.

This feature could occasionally be useful, but will always be fun. And it stretches the magic of our liquid tag format.

Here is an example of a recently merged liquid tag PR: for reference on how these are created.